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Wholesale and Bulk Discount Pricing

We now offer the following wholesale/bulk ordering options:

30% discount with a minimum $350 (retail) order (apply discount code KJDWS at checkout)


50% discount with a minimum $750 (retail) order (apply discount code KJDWHOLESALE50 at checkout) 


We offer return/be-back wholesale/ bulk ordering discounts as follows.  

When you have ordered a total of $1000 (wholesale) with us your minimum will drop down to $250 (retail) min order with a 50% discount after.  Please contact us once you have reached the $1000 threshold and we will get you a new coupon code.  


More info:  

coupon codes cannot be combined and must be applied at checkout.   Wholesale orders do no apply towards affiliate credit/total sales.


Cancellations: We do our best to ship items in a timely matter and it is common for us to start working on your order right away- therefore we do not accept order cancellations. 


Order changes:  Due to processing time and inventory counts, we cannot always honor change requests to orders after purchase.  


Multiple shipping addresses.  We can only ship to the one address provided to us for shipping and cannot ship to multiple addresses within one order. 


Wholesale items are considered final sale.




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